Not your usual events and occasions organiser.

Our values are aligned with the classic tradition of style, innovation and excellence. We aim to provide the very best entertainment, luxury and social engagements. Whether it’s an evening with music, a diplomatic get-together over cocktails or a long-haul international heritage car rally, then it’s also the type of classic event that we can help you with.

We value genuine social engagements where like-minded people get to know each other in style. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, except where it’s important … superlative service, superb venues, interesting people and common purpose.

At our classic events, you’ll meet men and women from all walks of life who are passionate about living their lives brilliantly.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

About the founder, Ruba Jurdi

Ruba is an entrepreneur, connector & motivator who loves to create opportunities for people to enjoy a combination of style, luxury and memorable experiences.

Ruba Jurdi is an experienced media and communication professional specialising in the luxury travel and automotive industries in both the Middle East and the UK. Where she can add real value, Ruba welcomes the opportunity to promote and build market presence for both aspiring and established brands.

Classic.Events is Ruba’s vehicle for delivering extraordinary experiences for customers, partners and sponsors.

Services offered by Classic.Events

Together with her logistics and creative team, Ruba will tailor your experience to ensure every detail is perfectly tuned to your requirements:

  • Themed events
  • Concept to delivery services
  • Concierge and lifestyle management
  • Photography & video production
  • Marketing & promotional strategies

For further information and to contact the team at Classic.Events contact: info@classic.events

For further information about our creative services, visit Connexxions.me